A new horizon for the music industry.

Hazan Records emerged in 2015 as an outlet for up-and-coming artists to share their individuality and talent with the music industry. 

The label is committed to empowering student musicians who take instruction and guidance from seasoned professionals to harness their natural abilities and maximize their musical potential. It also allows college graduates and students to work and intern behind the scenes in the music industry, supporting the artists with their business, marketing and communications skills. 

We aim to produce and promote artists who embody our values of dedication, professionalism and innovation. We present a new horizon for the music industry: one that highlights hard work and raw talent and allows artists to be true to themselves without outside pressures. Instead of hiding our artists behind distractions of drugs, sex, or alcohol (which we see far too much in the music industry) we proudly present our artists as the natural and inspiring individuals they are.

We believe in the power of music -- to liberate and inspire both individual artists as well as those around them -- and we hope to bring fresh and emotional art to you.